[CCF] VL: DXNL Special Issue - Announcement of WAG (Worked all Germany) Contest

Pertti Paalanen pertti.paalanen@epproject.inet.fi
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:04:05 +0300

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Aihe: DXNL Special Issue - Announcement of WAG (Worked all Germany)

Dear OM,

you will participate in the WWDX Contest 2002? There is a good
chance to test your equipment in the
WORKED ALL GERMANY CONTEST 2002 one weekend before the event.

We would like to invite you to take part in this contest too.
The contest is running from 1500z 19. October till
1459z 20.October 2002 on the traditionaly 5 shortwave bands.
You have to work as many stations from Germany as possible on each band.
The multiplier will be the first letter of the sent control by the
German station (members of DARC/VFDB only), i.e. A25 = A, 50JF = J etc.
Participants outside of Germany and Non-DARC-members in Germany will send
RS(T) and a 3-figure serial number starting with 001.
There are new single operator categories in CW and Mixed Mode for
100W or less output.

Please send your email-log to wag@darc.de .
The complete rules may be found on www.darchfdx.de

We hope to meet you in the contest.

Klaus DL1DTL - WAG Contestmanager