[CCF] FW: sac rule

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Thu, 17 Oct 2002 11:28:51 +0300

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Hello SAC Mgr’s

Subject: All logs received via e-mail will be confirmed via e-mail.

That is what our rules says about confirming received logs.
As you may know, this has not been the case in this contest.

By experience I therefore propose following procedure:
Use a wellknown webpage to announce a daily list of calls from incomming logs, and later on the results and statistics.

The motivation for the proposal is following:

Some ask by returnmail for a confirmation, others just ask, which meens that I must take action.
Luckily the most do not care, as with paperlogs, where only two, till now,  has been send to me by recommandation.

I tried, before the contest to arrange a robot answer for all incomming e-mails, with my servercompagny TDC in Denmark, but without luck. They told me to do it myself, very easy they said, could be done by their webpage.
It never happens me to find the possibilities.
A robot will also answer all incomming mails, where app. 40%  is “Sperm-mail”. This will undoubtly coarse more mail of that type.

Some people send their log 2- 3 times within 5 minutes, in desperation of not having a answer.
You will have to check all their e-mails, to be shure the logs are equal, or pick up the latest one for the competition. 
Very timeconsuming, because we are talking about opening and inspecting all attatched files.

In order to help participians I asked SM3CER, who has one of the most known webpages, to bring a list of callsign from incomming logs.
With a daily updating it seems to work very well. 

I think the proposal is easy to etablish and will raise the interest for the SAC Contest internationally, and 
hopefully the final results will show up faster this way, and we share a lot of paperwork.

73 Peter, OZ5WQ
EDR Contest manager

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> Onko kellään mitään tätä uudistusta vastaan, eli laitetaan oikein
> sääntöihin että lokin e-maililla lähettäneet saavat kuittauksen?
> SM3CER työ esillä myös.
> Jos ette ole käyneet katsomassa, suosittelen vähintään pikavilkaisua.
> 73,
> Jukka