[CCF] NRAU 2004 errata

jukka.klemola at nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Thu Dec 30 09:54:31 EST 2004

Jan / LA9HW,

Please can you advise Finns on two items:
Are the results you have published real?
We do see very little if any penalties in scoring.

We do not see that is possible taking into consideration
there were many hams with different skill levels.

Anyhow, I would like to know as I should publisize the scores in
Finnish Radioamatööri manazine.

If the scores are final, can you tell our audience what were the few error
categories Finns had in the logs.

In 2003 I started a campaign in Finland to improve logging accuracy and
I would like to use also NRAU 2004 error data for educating/learning
purposes for the contesting audience.

Many Finns have asked me for their personal errata and I have told
them I do not have it, so now we ask openly for the information.

73 + 2005,
Jukka OH6LI

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