[CCF] Logs for NRAU-Baltic Contest 2005

Jan-Eric Rehn (SM3CER - 7S3A - SA3R) jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Mon Jan 31 13:15:15 EST 2005


Please remember to send your log(s) for NRAU-Baltic Contest 2005!

Deadline is today - January 31!

Send logs via e-mail to: nrau at edr.dk

Send paper logs to:

EDR HF Contest Manager
Peter Vestergaard, OZ5WQ
Vestervej 74

Preferred log format is Cabrillo (even if the rules don't say so and what 
have been said or written earlier about the log format).

If you can't send the log as Cabrillo, please send the log and the summary 
sheet as plain ASCII text (readable in a simple text editor). Don't send a 
log made in Word, Excel or similar. That will cause un-necessary and 
un-wanted converting work for the log checker

OZ5WQ will be checking the logs with the NRAU-Baltic Log Checking Program 
done by SM2EZT and SM3CER.

I will also assist and help Peter with the logs the way I can.

73 de Jan, SM3CER

Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER - Contest call: 7S3A - SA3R
SSA Contest Manager - SWEDEN
E-mail: sm3cer at contesting.com - sm3cer at ssa.se
SM3CER Contest Service: http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/
SK3BG Web Site: http://www.sk3bg.se/
Also QRV in MS or MM from: SI9AM - SK3IK - SL3ZV
K6U at WRTC-96 / Referee at WRTC-2000 and WRTC-2002

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