[CCF] Scandinavian Activity Contest - A proposal

Teemu, SM0WKA teemu at sm0wka.com
Tue Nov 22 05:35:43 EST 2005

To: Jukka, OH6LI



What we mean with our proposal is that - the contest managers - work
together. The situation now, as you know yourself is that just ONE contest
manager pulls the whole load by himself. Resulting in vastly different
quality of the outcome.

It is NOT said that it has to be the Contest manager that sits in the SAC
contest committee; he could as well delegate that task to anyone else.

We have deeply analyzed the first weekend of October, and it seems to be
free from any CW contest.

I also think it is TOO early for you to reject this proposal before you know
what your SRAL members think of this, it will be a nice opportunity to
discuss this issue in a deeper aspect at the CCF Cruise. 

It would also be good if we could rise a decent level discussion on these
reflectors on this burning issue before the CCF-C, this "rejection" attitude
only makes it harder to try any kind of change, and if we do not act now,
SAC SSB is doomed for good, RTTY is growing very rapidly from each year, and
SAC SSB QSOs are declining almost at the same rate, there is an obvious
connection here!

Instead of only rejecting, please find us a better date yourself! CQ RTTY
will not go away - that's for sure.

73 de
Teemu SM0W - SM0WKA

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> Ämne: Re: [CCF] Scandinavian Activity Contest - A proposal
> I commented one aspect of your email earlier.
> Now, after a short discussion round I can continue:
> Regarding the proposal for moving some weekends somewhere does not help.
> Have you analysed what contests are on October's first weekend?
> I reject the proposal for changing the weekends for SAC.
> 73,
> Jukka OH6LI
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> >Subject: Scandinavian Activity Contest - A proposal
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> >Nordic contest managers
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> >
> >During an informal contest meeting held in Stockholm, the
> >17:th of November 2005, the Scandinavian Activity Contest
> >(SAC) was discussed. All participants agreed that the SAC
> >contest is a valuable contest to promote and make more popular
> >than it is today. Two proposals came up.
> >
> >
> >
> >We propose that the contest dates for SAC CW and SAC SSB are
> >changed to the following dates. This is a very urgent wish in
> >order to avoid having SAC SSB and CQWW RTTY at the same weekend.
> >
> >SAC SSB: third weekend in September
> >SAC  CW: first weekend in October
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >We propose a SAC Contest Comittee. The members of the
> >committee from each country, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden,
> >are the national contest manager and one additional person. In
> >total the committee will consist of eight individuals. The
> >chairman is the contest manager from one of the countries and
> >the chairman is changed once every year among the member countries.
> >
> >
> >The committe is suggested to be responsible for the handling
> >of (for example):
> >
> >- Rule changes
> >- Shared log checking responsibility and timely
> >  presentations of results.  In order to lessen
> >  the burden on single individuals, the committee
> >  will contribute in this area every year.
> >- Handling awards and plaques
> >- International promotion of SAC
> >- Maintaining a SAC promotion Web site
> >
> >
> >73 from
> >
> >
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