[CCF] Scandinavian Activity Contest - A proposal

Timo Klimoff timo.klimoff at dnainternet.net
Tue Nov 22 05:43:55 EST 2005

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From: "Teemu, SM0WKA" <teemu at sm0wka.com>
>SAC SSB QSOs are declining almost at the same rate, there is an obvious
>connection here!

Btw, how many non-Scandinavian SSB logs we received more in 1996 than in eg. 
2004 or 2005 and how many qsos more winners worked that year than now? (1996 
is good example because it was minimum year like this one)
After Teemu's statement, I suppose there must be done some statistical 
calculations in Sweden.

73, Timo OH1NOA 

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