[CCF] The last Mohican

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 22 05:49:44 EST 2005

Dear diary

 Exactly 40 years ago on this data they started the discussion
 about changing the rules of SAC - you remember - the contest
 that ceased to exist so 15 years ago, when the last old farts
 kicked the bucket. Those who did not snuf it could no longer 
 find spare part for the last commercial ham radios that came 
 out of the factories in in the 2010s - you remember - the FTs
 and TSs. 

 But hey, today I heard someone on 14 Mc CW!  Wish my transmitter
 would work... But again, who'd start building or selling equipment 
 or components for us anymore. I'm happy I have you as my hobby - my
 dear diary. Talk to you soon again.




Ilkka Korpela

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