[CCF] Teemu hit the Point !

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A casual contester's view:

1. There is absolutely no support in Finland for combining SAC CW and SSB into one weekend. Kari has been years proposing it pretty much alone. Propagation in Scandinavia is too poor to risk having everything in one weekend. Forget the whole thing, the sooner the better. 

2. To move SSB to leave room for the RTTY contest, I don't mind if this is done or not. There are traditions and then there are practicalities. If moving the SSB part increases the participant rate, well, why not.

3. There are people who want to rule which means keeping control in a small team. I personally dislike this kind of elite attitude in basically all areas of life. We don't need more leaders, we need more workers. If we are able to find 8 people who want to share responsibilities in running SAC, that's perfect.

4. I find these serious discussions about log checking issues more or less funny. Penalties and all. Yeah, I'm really thrilled. But ok, if someone gets kicks from doing that, by all means, do it. Who am I to judge. After all, I wake up during nights to check if some strange island is on the air. Sometimes I drive hundreds of kilometers just to get a new one. Ordinary people do not find much sense in that. However, may I propose that you start discussing a bit more about what the ordinary not-so-hard-core-contesters might like. You can start by getting rid of some stone age rules like packet restrictions. I wouldn't oppose adding top band to the contest, either. 

5. Awards are important and informational web sites are good, too. In fact, they are 10 dB more important things for casual contesters than advanced log checking procedures and most of the other hair splitting issues that the top contesters so much like to debate. 

-Jari, OH3BU

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>   SM0WKA:
>> The argument is not SSB vs. RTTY or CW vs. SSB. The argument is CQ 
>> WORLD WIDE RTTY. In SM and abroad I know several people that don't 
>> work SAC (they used to work SAC) because they want to participate in 
>> CQ RTTY, what is the point for us stubborn Scandinavians to try to 
>> compete with the CQ RTTY competitors, that's total madness. Folks 
>> leave SAC every year to go work RTTY more seriously.
>Personlig åsikt - OH2BP - till ovanstående:
>Jag kör ganska aktivt RTTY kontester och har i flera 
>sammanhang föreslagit innom OH  och CCF, att det vore kul 
>någon gång också delta SAC SSB in någon form.
>Dagens läge är det att drygt 1200 loggar som skickas in i 
>världens viktigaste RTTY test CQWW RTTY.
>Motsvarande antalet inskickade loggar i separat SAC minskas år 
>efter år.
>Nu det är dags att iaktaga nuvarande läget, värsta situation 
>och slaget om QRG sker närmast på det smala 40M.
>Vi kunde blåsa nya vindar i ett SAC kontest föenat till samma 
>CW weekend som redan står i alla kontestkataloger.
>Troligen mesta Nordiska RTTY operatörer medföljer denna åsikt.
>Vänligen kolla synpunkt i saken t.ex med Ewe SM7BHM ordförande 
>av SARTG så har vi kanske vidare bas på föreslaget.
>Siis SAC yhdistetty kontesti yhdelle (CW) viikonlopulle
>SAC one and only - combined just for one Weekend
>Kari OH2BP
>10.000 annual RTTY Contest Qso.

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