[CCF] Teemu hit the Point !

Juha Valimaki oh9mm at oh0i.com
Tue Nov 22 12:35:53 EST 2005

jari.jokiniemi at nokia.com kirjoitti:
> A casual contester's view:
> 1. There is absolutely no support in Finland for combining SAC CW and SSB
> into one weekend. Kari has been years proposing it pretty much alone.
> Propagation in Scandinavia is too poor to risk having everything in one
> weekend. Forget the whole thing, the sooner the better.

At least second point comes from here! If propagation is poor then it is!
Personally don't have the time to participate both weekends. So nowadays
it's mainly CQ WW RTTY.

However there is no reason to chance the existing dates. Instead of
fighting let's just work (stupid idea?). Everyone can make their choices.
I have made mine several years ago.

Juha, oh9mm/oh0kag

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