[CCF] [TOEC] Claimed .. SM8,SM9, SM12

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Thu Nov 2 23:18:19 EST 2006


  Jag har alltid undrat varför Sverige's teleadministration har icke get ut 
anropsignaler i SM8 och SM9 distrikter. Detta finns hemliga planer!

  Några säger att "Finland" som helhet får SM9, Åland blir SM8 och,
som vi alltid på OH1ADs radioclub har vetat och kallat stället för, 
får (vär läger- / möteställe) på Kimito ö blir "SM12" - allt det har
händer "den dagen". 

  Jag skulle låta OZ5WQ besluta om OH0's position is Scandinaviska
tävlingen den här gången. Detta här är lite konstigt. SRAL ger ut priser 
för SAC :och de tre bästa inom OH1-OH9 får dom. Kun kan "vinna Finland" på
det sättet. Att vill ha OH0 inkluderad "i Finland" är ologiskt från våran 
sida. Vi vill inte ha det själva (inom SRAL's Cup) men vi vill att detta är 
så i Skandinaviska Cup. 

  Jag föreslår att i Skandinaviska Cup  man kan anmäla sig 
i team "Sverige", "Finland", "Norge", "Danmark" och "Ö-folk". Det
blir sedan möjligt för SM0W Teemu, t.ex. att delta i Finntollornas
team. Och man kan resa till OH0 ("SM8") ifrån Sverige och hämta
poaäng hem.

 Jag läste någonstans att detta hjälper till oss finnar och
svenskar om vi godkänner de stora kulturella skilnader som
finns till, några exemplar

OH  Vi icke höra till gänget
SM  Vill vara som andra

OH Kompromisser
SM otålighet 
   ooops. tvärtom!

SM Säkerhet
OH Plikten

SM Förhandlingarna
OH Verksamhet

SM Fördelning av ansvaret, konsensus
OH Individuella ansvaret, bossen bestämmer.


Lainaus "Jan-Eric Rehn (SM3CER - 7S3A - SA3R - SF3A)" <jan-
eric.rehn at telia.com>:

> Hello,
> Timo also wrote in another mail on the TOEC mailing list:
> - - - - -
> Hmm ... actually I see that OH0 listed separately in the past results.
> I wonder in what point someone started this?
> Historically I remember that "country competition" has been a
> competition
> between national leagues. Correct me if I am wrong.
> 73, Timo OH1NOA
> - - - - -
> During my different periods as SSA Contest Manager I have never seen any
> written rules for the Scandinavian Cup.
> I remember we had some discussions about the Cup between the contest 
> managers in EDR, NRRL, SRAL and SSA some years ago, where we discussed
> why 
> Finland needed help from another (still very rare and hunted) DXCC
> country 
> to always be in the top in the Scandinavian Cup. It was informal
> discussions 
> and nothing was written (as there were no written rules for the Cup), but
> we 
> agreed to separate OHØ from OH in the result lists to have a more fair 
> competition. The only one who disagreed was of course the OH manager and
> every time OH arranged SAC after those discussions they incorporated OHØ
> with OH in their result lists.
> For some years now OHØ have been counted separately when EDR, NRRL and
> SSA 
> have been the arranging society, but we've got no complaints about that 
> earlier.
> Why? ...because OH had beaten SM anyway, without the help from OHØ.
> Now, when it seams SM have a good (or at least a small) chance to beat
> OH, 
> mostly because of many more participants than OH this year, one of the
> hard 
> working OH contesters is waking up.
> Why? ...now maybe OH need those extra OHØ points to be Champs once
> more...
> We all know that the OH guys will beat the SM:s, if they want to. There
> is 
> approximately one big SM contest site on every 10 or more in OH and if
> the 
> Finnish guys (and gals) go for it, we SM small pistols have no chance. (I
> don't even remember if SM has won the Cup even once during all earlier 47
> years - does anyone know???)
> Maybe OH didn't really bother or liked to win this year - or maybe we in
> SM 
> stole (or borrowed) some of their wellknown "sisu" this time???
> What we can agree upon, is that LA or OZ never can compete with SM and
> OH, 
> and LA or OZ can never win the Cup. That's a fact, due to population and
> contest interest. We don't need to mention JW, JX, OX, OY or TF - the 
> competitors from those countries are too few. We don't either need to 
> mention OJØ - if there was an expedition to that DXCC country and they
> also 
> worked SAC - I know what country would claim their result...
> Maybe all the other Scandinavian and/or Nordic countries should compete 
> against OH and OHØ. Then maybe we had a chance to win sometimes... Or - 
> maybe it's time for SM to incorporate OHØ in the result lists - to be
> able 
> to beat the OH guys??? :-) In that case I don't think many OH guys will
> go 
> to OHØ during the SAC weekends... But I'm pretty sure there would be an 
> increase in the number of SM visitors to the islands and requests for
> hiring 
> the different OH contest sites... HI
> I'm very glad this discussion have started. Maybe we can get some written
> rules for the Scandinavian Cup, where all four societys can agree upon
> those 
> rules. The SAC rules also have to be looked upon, but I think that's a 
> matter between the managers. We need to make them more up-to-date
> regarding 
> paper logs, erase penalties for dupes and things like that. We also need
> some written rules for the log checkers - how to deal with different
> matters 
> during the log checking.
> On the other hand - I'm not so glad this came up just now - I need to 
> continue helping OZ5WQ with the preliminary log checking for SAC 2006, so
> we 
> can present the results as soon as possible. I really don't have time for
> this at the moment... HI
> ...back to the logs...
> 73 de Jan, SM3CER
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> Whoooups!
> Maybe you are correct Timo, or maybe ...
> If you look at the results from 2005 at
> http://www.sk3bg.se/contest/res/r05saccs.htm
> OH0 is not listed together with OH so I assumed that
> it was counted separately.
> Where are the rules for the Scandinavian Cup published?
> Please, can the SAC contest managers step forward and
> give some advices :-)
> 73 de Ingo, SM5AJV
> Timo Klimoff wrote:
> >----- Original Message ----- 
> >From: "SM5AJV" <sm5ajv at chello.se>
> >
> >
> >>Om vi tar bort SM7B samt inte räknar OH0 till Finlands resultat
> >>så ser det ännu bättre ut för Sveriges del.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Sorry, OH0s compete under the helm of SRAL :)
> >
> >73, Timo OH0NOA
> >
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