Seppo Sisatto Seppo.Sisatto at uta.fi
Mon Dec 1 05:46:16 EST 2008

CQ WW CW 2008

Call: VP9I
Opr: OH1VR

SOSB 14 MHz Low Power

2232 QSO's 26 Z's 104 C's

Avg. 2.45 points

Score: 710 320 points

Station: IC-7000 + LDG AT-7000
          Ant.: A4S abt 5-6 mtrs high
          Win-Test 3.23

Comments: My aim was 2 500 q's but I got
2 232 q's. Anyway it's 100 more than a
year ago. Multipliers were hard to find:
tried V51AS, T77C and ZP0R without results
but worked all others I heard.JA7IC was 339
on Sunday afternoon - no QSO and same with
still weaker VK. Lost zones 25,29 and 30.

Saturday afternoon US pile up's were great.
A couple of hours over 180 q's per hour with
low power. Sunday was more difficult: only four
hours over 100 q's when in Saturday the number
of those hours was eight.

Anyway operating from Bermuda has been a great fun.
I would like to thank again Ed VP9GE for the great
hospitality and an opportunity to use his apartment
and antennas for my operation.

Thank you for QSO's!

Seppo OH1VR

PS. Never heard CU2A or TC4X - where you were?

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