[CCF] [TOEC] SAC 2007 Results

sm5ajv at tdcmail.se sm5ajv at tdcmail.se
Tue Jun 3 06:59:48 EDT 2008

Its very good this discussions starts!!!

Mikko Pöyhönen <mikko.poyhonen at pp1.inet.fi> Wrote: 
>I'd say automatic log submission process needs to be
>implemented to this contest as well (like CQWW or CQ WPX are doing) Paper
>logs are more or less history in modern contests so maybe some fine tuning
>of contest rules is needed. Paper logs and incomplete logs submissions
>been major time consumer in this log checking process, I can tell. 

Maybe the quickest solution is to buy this software:
If not, someone has to start making an own program.
The program costs 400 EUR according to the web page.
This program is advertised to have a lot of functions,
maybe the organizers need something simpler that is easier
to implement? 

Mikko and maybe Janne CER:
Could you tell us on the lists some more details about how
the log processing looks in SAC. I imagine that if every
log is in correct Cabrillo format the result will come out 
very quickly from the SM2EZT/SM3CER log checking program, 
just like Janne showed us on the CCF meeting 2006. 
Just to remind Timo about that, SM3CER was very much involved
in producing the results for SAC 2006 so early as in January 2007!
He showed that it is possible to do it quick!

Let's all try to make SAC an even better contest!

Ingo SM5AJV / SE5E

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