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Ohessa DARC:n field day infoa. TNX Jari! Keski-Euroopassa olisi nakojaan
haluja saada yleiseurooppalainen field day. En pista hanttiin.

Nykyiset OH saannot ovat voimassa ainakin toistaiseksi.

73 Jukka OH4MFA

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Subject: Please participate in CW - Field Day 2008

Please participate in CW - Field Day 2008

Duesseldorf, 03-JUNE-2008

The CW - FIELDDAY will take place
07-JUN-2008 15:00 to 08-JUN-2008 14:59

please participate as in years before.

You will find a lot of /p stations from DL,G,HB9,ON and RA on the bands.
They will be glad to work you as a station are even as a rare

I am the field day manager of the DARC and I will be glad to get your
electronic logs to verify the German Field Day logs.

If you have no national FD organisation you are welcome to send your log
as well.

The DARC has installed an intelligent log roboter.

the address for CW portion of the Field day is:
fdcw at dxhf.darc.de

this roboter will accept only logs in the formats STF - or Cabrillo

We have changed the categories like showing in Cabrillo format 3.0.

- Portable, single operator, QRP, assisted          old OA
- Portable, multi operator, low power, non-assisted old EK
- Portable, multi operator, low power, assisted     old OB
- Portable, multi operator, QRP, assisted           old OB/qrp
- Portable, multi operator, high power, assisted    old OC
- Fixed                                             old F

The Field Day managers of DL,G,HB9 and RA have still the dream to
establish i the future an European Field Day with the same rules all
over Europe and to expand the number of logs.

There are categories in Germany for fixed stations and for /p stations
outside Germany.

After the final results are issued, every station can download their own
nice certificate regardless of the standing.

The rules you will find on this website:


See you in the contest and I hope to receive your log.

Please mention - Checklogs and logs from fixed stations are welcome.

See you in the contest -

73 de Manfred DK 2 OY

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