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Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 21:28:49 PDT 2009

Hello J-P!

I agree on basically everything you say.

The need for change in SAC is more related to "making the things we are
supposed to do". I mean everything from finalizing the results, checking the
scores (and I mean really checking), compiling results on a nice SAC
official homepage (regardless who organize the contest), prepare and send
out diplomas and plaques - in good time. When I mean good time, it should be
early enough for guys around the world and in Nordic countries to all of a
sudden say:  Hey, SAC has really shapened up the organization and now things
happen so much quicker and better before... This is the kind of thing that
motivates people to share the positive experience about the contest to
others - and in that way increase the interest for participation.

A good contest is not only a lot of good stations and operators on the
air... it is the COMPLETE impression of the contest including the important
but sometimes a little time-consuming and apparently boring events like all
the ones presented above.

Yes, TEAM WORK is very important. In the same way that you offered your
participation in a possible SAC Work group, I am 100% ready to offer the
same. I want people to see that there are some individuals who are ready to
"sacrifice" a little time for the common cause - to stimulate a better
teamwork between the Contest Managers of the countries, but also (and even
more important) to activate all the members of the Radiosport community to
help to improve.

It is an illussion to believe that four contest managers can do everything,
but the main issue I am referring to is to CREATE INTEREST and ENTHUSIASM.

I might be perceived as complaining by many, but I do not do that just to
make myself heard... I do it simply because I LOVE radiosport and I hate to
see so much of radiosport skills sleeping around Nordic countries. So many
people might read these forums, so many might listen during the contests,
but where is the enthusiasm to participate, to teach others to learn

This is the task for Contest Managers - to make people again active. And if
we see that contest managers of Nordic countries are ready to do team work
between each other, this will stimulate the same kind of work in all the
radio clubs in Nordic countries.

To be selected as Contest Manager for a country should automatically mean
that the person should realize that this is an important work that has been
assigned to me by people who trust I can do it better than most others. The
work to be a Radiosport leader involves committment and should make the
persons strive to delegate tasks to people who are good in different fields
(marketing and PR, checking logs, preparing home pages, discussing
development with the members in each country and internationally).

So, I hope that people all around Scandinavia will see my sometimes a little
sharp formulations as Ignition Liquid instead of negative remarks...

What WE do for Radiosport now, the future Nordic Radiosport community will
benefit from!

I am ready to contribute now to develop radiosport in our part of the
world!  I hope many agree and are ready to do the same!

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats

2009/6/2 <oh6rx at netti.fi>

> GE Mats,
> many issues, many answers - all correct, i believe or doubt,
> doesnt really matter.
> I think Nordic RA's are missing most common thing - team work
> and willingness to do it. It is seen also on national activity level.
> We want to get it all NOW! - without personal time investment.
> Very important thing - where everything starts is trust -  to your mates.
> I think we need group of people, who are able to wake up sleeping contest
> enthusiasm.
> This group major task is to return activity of each country contest manager
> intress back to SAC - without this, we can cry and shout thru on these
> reflectors.
> At least one out of the four is willing to appreciate majority wish and
> vision :)
> Personally i would like to keep alive that tradional SAC, where i have
> worked my
> first international contest qsos - without changing it too much, or too
> drastically, but on the name of the development and majority high hopes, im
> willing push
> my personal thoughts behind the Scandinavian's (majority) goals.
> One man doenst win this challenge - we need good team and Leader!
> 73
> J-P
> Mats Strandberg [sm6lrr at gmail.com] kirjoitti:
>> Hello J-P !
>> I am glad to hear that you would be available for a post in a possible
>> future SAC Work Group. Regardless if we call it like this, or a more
>> formal
>> name like SAC Contest Committee, the important thing is that we at least
>> acknowledge the interest from the Nordic Radiosport Community to make a
>> change.
>> Needless to say, we need to proceed the right way, and I guess it is just
>> to
>> start again formulating the same kind of letter that was presented
>> informally during the NRAU meeting last year.
>> This perhaps somewhat frustrated attempt to get things going would not
>> have
>> to take place in case:
>> 1. The Nordic HF Contest Managers were PRO-ACTIVE and comminicated between
>> each other.
>> 2. If they already themselves had admitted that huge problems has occurred
>> in SAC organisation during the last 10 years.
>> 3. If NRAU during their rare meetings had agreed that a SAC Contest
>> Committee would be the best thing for SAC to remain vital and to have a
>> chance to develop with modern technology in order to be more customer
>> oriented and efficient.
>> The situation is now that we lack a stable and efficient group of Nordic
>> HF
>> Contest Managers who CO-OPERATE and COMMUNICATE; let us face that and
>> realize that this is a problem...
>> Either we try to make these managers to realize that they have a common
>> responsibility to maintain and develop a good Radiosport organization not
>> only in their own countries, but also more important in the Nordic
>> countries
>> as a unit. This simply because we have a COMMON responsibility - The
>> Scandinavian Activity Contest.
>> I personally do not think that I have to make a nother letter in order to
>> convince the Nordic Contest Managers to realize that a majority of Nordic
>> contesters want an independent SAC Contest Committee.
>> It is the work of our Contest Managers to start talking to each other and
>> to
>> listen with the ear to the ground they are walking on. It is THEIR task to
>> compose this letter and to sign it and deliver it to NRAU and back to the
>> source where it came from. This request is not any news to them... They
>> are
>> all informed and unfortunately extremely quiet about it.
>> The HF Contest Managers perhaps do not need to be active themselves in
>> every
>> single contest, but I must openly admit that the silence and non-activity
>> in
>> the existing national and Nordic Radiosport forums from some of their side
>> is amazingly low. This is NOT a good sign for Nordic Contest community.
>> I ask for more activity in public from their side, and better activity and
>> understanding to listen to the grassroot level of Radiosport.
>> Where are you guys and girls?  Make yourself visible and active so we feel
>> that we have a counterpart to talk to and propose new ideas and
>> suggestions
>> for improvement that will serve all the Nordic Contest Community.
>> With all respect to work in the silence, but to be a LEADER means also to
>> be
>> pro-active and to communicate (and answer emails). I have seen a lot of
>> bad
>> example regarding the later in my last years of trying to promote SAC and
>> Radiosport as such...
>> 73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats
>> 2009/5/30 Jan Erik Holm <sm2ekm at telia.com>
>> > A committee could be a good thing however I think the NRAU still
>> > should play a big role, this to ensure continuity. The committee
>> > should be like an "umbrella organization" under the NRAU.
>> > The process OH6RX lines up below IMO would be the right way
>> > to go.
>> >
>> > 73 Jim SM2EKM
>> > --------------------------
>> > oh6rx at netti.fi wrote:
>> > > Mats & Co,
>> > >
>> > > last december we did this SAC survey, and 68% of contesters
>> > > were giving votes for independent committee.
>> > >
>> > > Towards NRAU, this work need to be done the way, that all
>> > > present contest managers are involved, to received authorization
>> > > from all member countries.
>> > >
>> > > If im going to be in New CCF board 09-11, i can be volunteer to be
>> > > OH/CCF -member on this SAC work-group. You need each contest
>> > > manager nominated member to this work group.
>> > >
>> > > Outcome should be suggestion of this new way of handling SAC,
>> > > and it has to be approved by each responsible contest manager from
>> > > each member country.
>> > >
>> > > Also very important issue is, that this new approach will be
>> represented
>> > > official way to coming NRAU meeting agenda - as you might have
>> > experience.
>> > >
>> > >
>> > > So, we Finns, we have realised same improvement action points, but
>> > > before implemention, it is important to act according to protocols,
>> > > otherwise there is no result.
>> > >
>> > >
>> > > You will find my mobile phone number from e.g. Janne's web-pages.
>> > >
>> > > 73
>> > > J-P
>> > >
>> >
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