[CCF] [TOEC] Sweden wins Scandinavian Cup !

Ari Pietikäinen oh2bsi at sral.fi
Fri Oct 2 05:51:07 PDT 2009

Hejsan - grattis SM kollegor!

While my sympathy goes to Tomi, I totally agree with Mats (and Hannu in a
previous post). DXCC entities count. Let's not make it too easy for us in
mainland OH.

Face the brutal facts: the number of OH participants was simply too low to
match the competition, with or without OH0.

In my opinion, activating and motivating the small pistols - myself included
- is where we are way behind Sweden. I am pretty sure more stations would
join if the dismissive attitude towards low-power/single band/one mode
only/just a few hours/"tourist class" operators such as oh2bsi would be less
prominent. Not everyone has the same energy, facilities and available time,
yet every log counts.

Awaiting all the more interesting SAC 2010!
/Ari oh2bsi ei5ip (op. @oh2aaz sac cw 2009)

Tackar för fantastiskt bra sac-resultatsidor!

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Puolesta Mats Strandberg
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Aihe: Re: [CCF] [TOEC] Sweden wins Scandinavian Cup !


This is an issue that apparently has been a discussion during the years
following after the 2000 contest.

I for sure do not have any definite answer on that. My backlog in recent 20
years of SAC contests since 1990 when I participated last time shortly after
my army service, and now the past 3 years, is too limited.

One of the reasons why I am a strong advocate for a Scandinavian Activity
Contest Committee is simply because we need to have a more up-to-date
control of rules changes and other issues that otherwise can lead to

The way I from my Swedish perspective perceive the rules for Scandinavian
Cup is pretty clear, and subjective in the same way that I would obviously
have reacted in case I was Finnish and wanted to win the Scandinavian Cup
for Finland.

I see the equal and fair competition to be when Scandinavian Cup is divided
into countries (meaning DXCC entities). The advantage of being OH0, OJ0, JW,
OY, TF or OX compared to less rare countries like OH, SM, LA and OZ is
without any exaggeration quite obvious... I would have truly enjoyed to be
able to select a more rare Swedish DXCC country than SM, but this is
unfortunately utophia after OHO was ceded in 1809 to Russia under the Treaty
of Fredrikshamn.

I would even more so have wished that OH0 was part of the less rare OH when
competing in SOMB HP Class in SAC 2009. Even if OH0Z is a fantastic station,
and that Tomi is a truly First Class Operator on both CW and SSB, and
considering that Åland has a somewhat favourable location compared to SM2
where I participated from, I must of course just admit that OH0Z is
unquestionable the winner of the individual class SOMB HP in SAC SSB 2009.
I can not claim that the advantages from OH0Z are unfair.

In the same way, I think that Scandinavian Cup, should be based on entries
from one DXCC country, rather than allowing one country to use three DXCC
countries, two of them very much more attractive to Non-Scandinavians than
the larger countries in our region.

This is strictly my opinion, and as said before, I am open to other opinions
and to discuss this subject with the other NRAU members for possible

The important thing for me is that SAC is a contest that is gaining
popularity and that is perceived as the best regional contest event of the
world. Scandinavian Cup stimulates the participation from all countries, and
I hope that our OH friends will also allow little brother Sweden sometimes
to feel entitled to a possible victory, in case we happen to win from time
to time.

If Finland all the time wins (with or without additional rare extra
territories), it will be boring for the rest, and reduce the interest for
SAC in the other countries.

I also hope that Denmark, Norway and Åland feel the same stimulation for
internal competition in their sizes, in the same way that OH and SM feels
about their challenge!

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats

2009/10/2 Tomi Ylinen <tomi.ylinen at luukku.com>

> I have not followed this by years, but some days ago someone mentioned
> wise argument: SAC is comptetition between NRAU leagues. OH0 and
> OH0-amateurs are all members of SRAL, there is not own organization for
> Therefore OH0-scores are part of OH-effort to my understanding.
> Personally, operating from OH0Z, I strongly want to be part of finnish
> effort.
> Tomi OH6EI
> Timo Klimoff kirjoitti 02.10.2009 kello 12:19:
> >
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> > > Hello
> > >
> > > Well, thanks for wishes, but being a notorious over-realist... I
> > > to
> > > wait a little longer to be sure about that.
> > >
> > > Anyway, I want to thank all Scandinavian stations, regardless of the
> > > result
> > > in Scandinavian Cup for good activity.
> >
> > Just as a side note:
> >
> > can someone explain why suddenly in SAC 2000 results (and onwards)
> >  OH0 was
> > not anymore a part of SRAL in Scandinavian Cup? I've been wondering this
> > almost 9 years now  (not just now when we are losing it) :)
> >
> > http://lists.contesting.com/_toec/2006-November/003385.html
> >
> > tells that there has not been actual written decision, probably just the
> > organizer of 2000 contest (SSA) left OH0 (and OJ0) out and next
> >  organizers
> > copied the action. For me SAC is not a real Finnkampen when some of
> >  our best
> > operators travel to OH0 ... basicly for nothing Scandinavian Cup wise :)
> >
> > 73, Timo OH1NOA
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