[CCF] Last Minute News - SAC 2009

Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Thu Sep 17 06:48:26 PDT 2009

I concur with Tomi's assessment, many thanks to
Jan and Lars for their work.

On a related note, I am hoping that the system will
also entail the sending of a UBN report to each
contestant after the log checking has been done.
This happens for example in RDXC and CQWW, as we know,
but unfortunately I have repeatedly been asking for
such a report in vain from last year's SAC as a
preparation for this year's edition.

In any case, thanks again for all the hard work.


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Excellent! Thanks Jan and Lars.

Fresh claimed scores is the most needed feature of contest organizing. Then
adrenaline is still in veins and you remember the action. Compared to
official results which quite often come out after 9-12 months, when you
hardly remember last year's episode and your mind is already in the next

I guess next step is to create a robot to also work the contest qsos :-) We
just lay back and enjoy listening...

Tomi OH6EI
...and mind already in OH0Z hill...

Mats Strandberg kirjoitti 17.09.2009 kello 15:55:
> Hello!
> We again repeat our invitation for participation in the 51st  
> Scandinavian Activity Contest!
> Besides of this, we also have the pleasure to announce that Log  
> Submission and Result Processing will be a lot easier than before. 
> SM3CER, Jan and SM7LQV, Lars have performed a heroic work the last 
> month to create a Log Processing Robot, that not only will be able to 
> automatically  receive all logs, but also to present a continuously 
> updated Claimed Scores  List, that will grow upon the receipt of all 
> logs.
> The robot will also be very useful for crosschecking of log entries. 
> The speed of checking logs will be highly increased, and following the  
> reduction of this work compared to previous years, we can also assure 
> that the  Final Results will be ready much earlier. Subsequently the 
> deliveries of  Awards and Plaques will go much faster.
> The new official Scandinavian Activity Contest site will be  
> www.sactest.net
> Please find the UPLOAD CONTEST LOG button in the upper right corner  
> of the page, when you feel ready to submit your Cabrillo log.
> NOTE!   The robot is under the final stages of adjustment, so until
> starts at 1200 hours UTC on Saturday, September the 19th, you might  
> see some development work going on. Many pages are not ready yet, but 
> will be  filled with information as soon as possible. Please be 
> patient...
> We hope that this contest will be interesting and challenging for  you 
> - and that you will have a chance to work many Scandinavians!
> Also do not forget the SSB part taking place the weekend after the CW, 
> namely on September 26th-27th between 1200-1200 UTC
> Please inform your contest friends, local club members and possible 
> International/National/Regional Forums about this unique Log 
> Processing Robot.
> 73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats
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