[CCF] RE 3830 is good... BUT....

Jan-Eric Rehn jan-eric.rehn at telia.com
Mon Sep 21 09:10:07 PDT 2009

Hello Jukka,

You don't need to do anything else. You've already done what's expected from 
your side. Just lay back and follow the growing Claimed Scores lists on the 
SAC web site!

The error message you got when you tried to upload your log a second time 
was a bug in the Robot, which should have been corrected at this time. We're 
sorry for that trouble!

If you go to http://www.sactest.net/ and check the Claimed Scores, you will 
find your call in the QRP class for Scandinavia:

2 OH4MFA 394 887 74 65.638

I can see that your log is containing 405 QSO with 11 dupes. That's why the 
sactest website says 394 QSO:s.

A log sent via the saccw at nrrl.no e-mail address is automatically redirected 
to the SAC Processing Robot and the Robot is trying to upload the log. If 
there are nothing wrong with the Cabrillo log, you will get an e-mail in 
return and in the text you can read: "Your contest log is accepted without 
syntax errors!". That's it!

You don't need to upload your log again on the sactest site, if your log is 
found in the Claimed Scores list. We already have your log.

If there are errors in the Cabrillo log and you've sent it to saccw at nrrl.no 
you will get an e-mail telling you what's wrong. Then you have to correct 
those errors in the log and NOW we ask you to go directly to 
http://www.sactest.net/ to upload your corrected log. If there still are 
errors you'll get direct messages on the web site telling you what's wrong.

If you don't manage to upload your log at all on the web site, please send 
an e-mail to sacsupport at ssa.se with the log as attachment, so we can help 
you. In the Subject: line include your callsign, mode (CW or SSB), and the 
category you are entering, e.g., SOMBHP, SOMBLP, MOST, etc.

So - shortly:

* If you sent your log to saccw at nrrl.no and received a confirmation mail 
saying your log is accepted - everything is OK. Do NOT try to upload your 
log once more on the SAC web site! We already have your log.

* If you've uploaded your log directly on the SAC web site and your log is 
accepted - everything is OK. Do NOT send a log to saccw at nrrl.no as well! We 
already have your log.

73 de Jan, SM3CER

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Subject: [CCF] RE 3830 is good... BUT....

> >[CCF] 3830 is good... BUT....
> -----
>>... please also do not forget to send your logs to www.sactest.net
> Hello!
> This happened to me.
> I sent my log first via email to saccw at nrrl.no
> Then I see this post above in CCF list and uploaded my log to sactest.net.
> Then I got email from sacsupport at ssa.se. I think it came from sactest.net.
>>Hello fellow contester,
>>Thank you very much for your participation in Scandinavian Activity
> Contest - 2009.
>>This log have already been received!!
>>Your contest log is not accepted!
>>You obviously need to do some change(s) in your Cabrillo log, before it
> will be accepted by the SAC Log Processing Robot.
> klip...
> My result is in claimed score page.
> I try to find fault in my cabrillo file created by N1MM. Only difference 
> to
> example in sactest page is that qso data line is a bit different:
> (line from my log, call changed)
> QSO: 14000 CW 2009-09-20 1154 OH4MFA        599 0405   XY1ABC        599
> 0172
> QSO: 14000 CW 2009-09-19 1748 7S3A          599      1 4K6GF         599
> 116 0
> (line from log example in sactest)
> Serial number seems to be in different position. Do I need to change all 
> qso
> lines?
> 73
> Jukka OH4MFA
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