Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Sun Oct 10 12:15:51 PDT 2010

Kivaa oli, jos toki välillä ja erityisesti yöaikaan
tuli myös koettua perinteistä masokismia. Kivasti 
menneen CW-osan jäljiltä lähdin kisaan mukavissa 
fiiliksissä, mutta turpiin tuli reippaasti jo ainakin 
yhdeltä kerroinhirmulta, jolle ei tavallinen kuolevainen 
mahda mitään! :)

Sactest.net-sivusto löysi lokista 4 lisäkerrointa, 
joita N1MM-ohjelma uusimmalla cty.dat:lla ei kisan
aikana tunnistanut. CW-osassa löytyi "vain" 1 lisää.


                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: OH4A
Operator(s): OH6KZP
Station: OH4A

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Kisko
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  313    46
   40:  458    61
   20:  723    73
   15:  349    57
   10:    5     5
Total: 1848   242  Total Score = 1,084,122

Club: Contest Club Finland


When is that next CW contest again? I do enjoy SSB, but for a silent Finn
like me all the fast talking just produces a headache ;) Nice to hear so
many Scandinavians on the air, and hopefully Finland will take the Cup this

The CW leg headphone catastrophy was happily behind, although I still had
some RFI problems due to the noise-cancelling electronics, especially when
working on 15m. Close-by man-made noise up to S6-S7 on 10m and 15m made life
more difficult on Sunday, hopefully the source will be found at some point.

Band conditions were rather interesting. 15m was in pretty nice shape
towards JA and W, and I quite enjoyed it. 40m, on the other hand, never
seemed to produce a "normal opening" towards W. In fact most of the night on
40 was marked by heavy QRN, and DX consisted of working W6/W7 stations. On
80m I parked below 3775 kHz apart from an early 15-minute stint, as
following the IARU band plan is now stated as being compulsory in the
contest rules. Probably lost some multipliers by not being in that more
silent "forbidden zone."

Thanks to Jukka OH6LI and Merja again for letting me use their summer
cottage and the station over the weekend. And thanks to all you
non-Scandinavians for taking part and making this so fun for us

- Kim

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