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                     Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: OH2BH
Operator(s): OH1WZ
Station: OH2BH

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Pusula
Operating Time (hrs): 24.00
Radios: SO2R

  Band  QSOs  Mults
    80:  280    56
    40:  456    66
    20:  707    76
    15:  423    67
    10:   21    11
Total: 1887   276  Total Score = 1,250,832

Club: Contest Club Finland


It was like first sex: I did not know, which buttons to press on the  
new radios,
amps, and other boxes to get to the right feeling, but rushed with my act.

My first 10-m sked was an ok QSO (since I knew who was there and what exchange
to expect), but I was listening through a 300-Hz filter (leftover of SAC CW by
OH2UA), and it was quite an effort to realize that it was the cause to the
somewhat difficult-to-grasp signals on 10! (I had a pair of brand new

I was given a pair of automatic OM-amps, which kindly, in 2-3 secs,
changed the settings from band to band. Didn't touch them but once
after a 2 sec local voltage break, which booted everything and
allowed visiting the fridge.

All mult-efforts were band changes - with a success rate somewhere
at 60-70%. On sunday desperately tried moving stns to 28 MHz, with less

The old SSB operator was revived. It feeds on sun spots and tans himself
on the Solar flux.

Thanks to the organizers whose work only commences now. I owe one to
OH6KZP & OH2UA for the SO2R-tips. I have been operating at OH2BH now for 10
years - pics of OH2BH & OH3QK tuning the setup for me last Monday will
be seen in the following issue of PileUP!.

Many stations thought I was Martti, and it slowed me down to instruct them to
work OH0B, which was Martti himself in Brando.

CUL, ilkka OH1WZ

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Ilkka Korpela

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