[CCF] Skimmer/Cluster in SAC?

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 01:04:48 PDT 2010

Hello all!

Before this SAC CW I have been strongly against changing the rules and allow
clusters and skimmers in SAC.

However, due to some reasons... I tend to be more open for discussing this
theme now...

What is your opinion?

Shall we propose a change of rules that allows skimmers/RBN/clusters in SAC
SOAB catagories?

Or shall we introduce an Assisted Class that will make it possible to use
such technical tools?

It is prohibited to use clusters in the SAC SO categories, but nothing is
mentioned about skimmers and RBN (Reverse Beacon Network). This is a "hole"
in the rules, and those who read exactly between the lines, might find it
possible to use skimmer or RBN, but to exclude clusters like DX-Summit in
their operation...

The difference for someone using skimmer and someone not using skimmer is
quite obvious.

Several stations who has submitted logs have been honest and placed
themselves in Multi Operatior category, stating SO + Cluster as their class.
This is good. I hope others will have the same understanding of this...

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats (Non-Assisted in SAC 2010 CW)

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