[CCF] Skimmer/Cluster in SAC?

Timo Törö Timo.Toro at ibb.fi
Tue Sep 21 08:19:37 PDT 2010

Cluster = YES
Skimmer = YES
Self spotting = NO

73, Timo, OH5KW

At 12:04 +0400 21/9/10, Mats Strandberg wrote:
>Hello all!
>Before this SAC CW I have been strongly against changing the rules and allow
>clusters and skimmers in SAC.
>However, due to some reasons... I tend to be more open for discussing this
>theme now...
>What is your opinion?
>Shall we propose a change of rules that allows skimmers/RBN/clusters in SAC
>SOAB catagories?
>Or shall we introduce an Assisted Class that will make it possible to use
>such technical tools?
>It is prohibited to use clusters in the SAC SO categories, but nothing is
>mentioned about skimmers and RBN (Reverse Beacon Network). This is a "hole"
>in the rules, and those who read exactly between the lines, might find it
>possible to use skimmer or RBN, but to exclude clusters like DX-Summit in
>their operation...
>The difference for someone using skimmer and someone not using skimmer is
>quite obvious.
>Several stations who has submitted logs have been honest and placed
>themselves in Multi Operatior category, stating SO + Cluster as their class.
>This is good. I hope others will have the same understanding of this...
>73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats (Non-Assisted in SAC 2010 CW)
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