[CCF] Skimmer/Cluster in SAC?

Ilkka Korpela Ilkka.Korpela at Helsinki.fi
Tue Sep 21 09:57:05 PDT 2010

Hi Folks

I did more thinking: Why doesn't sactest.net provide
a platform, where everyone can send the telemetry from
their station?

- frequency of the TX
- frequency of the RX with the operator on-line
- frequency range of the SDRs in use
- frequencies of the RX-stations around the world that one listens to
   (using some decoder)

Then we'd just let the computerized stations to work the contest.

Seriously, we are not far from this scenario.

Less seriously, who'd care?

I guess I would.

I don't like these "discussions", and especially when they are  
started by SM6LRR, who is not an official member of the SAC contest Committee,
that consists of representatives of SRAL, SSA, EDR, and NRRL (and the small
ones). I'm again asking, who are the members (I asked this a while back)?

I'm more in favor of an approach, in which the Committee asks the  
e.g. when the results are sent to the participants by e-email, to register
and give opinions at a website. That's fair.

SAC deserves more elegant treatment.


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