[CCF] SAC promo video: Call for raw material

Kim Östman kim.ostman at abo.fi
Sun Sep 15 14:24:53 EDT 2013

Hi all,

A brief promotional video regarding SAC is in the works, and raw material is
currently being collected. Accordingly, the contest committee would like to
ask you to record and submit some video and audio of your SAC CW and SAC SSB
activities this year.

As a few examples, this recorded material could include video of final
antenna and station maintenance, social situations, audio/video of the
actual operating, and brief snippets of only a few words where hams explain
(in English or in your national language) what it is about SAC and
contesting in general that they find interesting. There is already some
SAC-related material on Youtube if you are looking for ideas.

Please put aside the Law of Jante and don't be shy! :)


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