[CCF] Baltic Contest 50 years!

Mats Strandberg sm6lrr at gmail.com
Tue May 13 01:14:17 EDT 2014

Hello all Nordic contesters!

A small reminder from our Lithuanian friend Mindis LY4L regarding Baltic
Contest this weekend.

This is really a nice contest and due to the fact that the contest
celebrate 50 year anniversary, some nice extra prizes and souvernirs will
be awarded.

Hope to see great participation from you this weeked!

73 de SM6LRR / RM2D, Mats

Dear Collegues,
Do you know lots of contests with the age of 50 years? One of such a
veterans is the Baltic Contest, usually held on the weekend before WPX CW
contest with its high rates and lots of activity on 80 metres band. Just
few hours on Saturday night and you will be able to get one of lots of
special 50 years anniversary souvenirs.
Exact rules you will find in webpage
Besides regular awards Lithuanian Radio Sport Federation dedicated special
50th Baltic Contest anniversary prizes and souvenirs for participants who
- 100 QSO with totally LY, YL and ES participants;
- 50 QSO with LY;
- 500 QSO;
- 50 QSO with LY and 50 QSO YL and 50 QSO with ES;
- Who is exactly 50 years old (not more, not less) and made largest number
of QSO;
- Last hour best scorer (who will make largest number of QSO in the last
contest hour).
Hope you will join us next weekend, starting at 21.00 UTC on Saturday and
stay for all 5 hours.
CU next weekend!
Baltic Contest Committee

With warmest 73!
Mindis LY4L

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