Ari Vepsäläinen ari.vepsalainen at kolumbus.fi
Sun Nov 24 21:33:29 EST 2019

Hieno radiokisa takana, vanha Suomen ennätys soab low power assisted 
meni rikki. Sadalla watilla hieno kokemus, oli tosi mielenkiintoista. 
Vähemmän oli enemmän todellisuudessa. Kiitos kaikille.

73 Ari OH6MW

>                      CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW - 2019
> Call: OG7A
> Operator(s): OH6MW
> Station: OG7A
> Class: SO(A)AB LP
> QTH: kp20
> Operating Time (hrs): 41
> Radios: SO2R
> Summary:
>   Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
> ------------------------------
>    160:  310     9       58
>     80:  570    26       98
>     40:  664    28      102
>     20:  640    32      130
>     15:   82    20       57
>     10:    7     3        7
> ------------------------------
> Total: 2273   118      452  Total Score = 1,801,200
> Club: Contest Club Finland
> Comments:
> My first cq ww LOW POWER log and very positive feelings.
> A week before the contest I had some problems with my radio A amplifier, whole
> amp shutting down itself as a precaution after warm up. That is life, a time to
> change a tube probably. With only few days to cq ww I soon got an idea that I
> should try low power class. I knew that propagation will be challenging at
> least, probably miserable with strong aurora. It was challenging but interesting
> and I wanted to found out what is like to operate with low power in this
> propagation.
> It was great. My score target was old OH SOAB assisted low power record 1,2
> million points and I reached it Sunday morning so broke it with good margin.
> Before the contest I read many old soab LP logs from previous years and saw many
> different low power operating styles. I was going to use SO2R with low power and
> I thought what kind of running I am able to achieve and how difficult multiplier
> hunting is going to be. Even with this challenging propagation I was very
> positively surprised that running was pretty similar compared to HP. When I
> choose the right moment and the right frequency, I was able to make nice rates.
> There was not any good DX propagation so it was mostly running for EU contacts,
> with some US and JA coming to log on the peak of the propagation. DX percentage
> is very low and I had to S&P 20m on Sunday afternoon to get more NA to log.
> But overall I was very positively surprised that I could run 100+ qso hour rates
> even with 100 watts with this kind of propagation on both days. I'am very
> grateful to all who called me. Almost 2300 qsos.
> I know beforehand that multiplier hunting and surviving in the pileups would be
> difficult and it was. At the same time I am very positively surprised about my
> multiplier numbers. My target was much lower but finally I was able the break
> 100 dxcc countries on 20m and 40m and almost on 80m. Very strong aurora, very
> weak signals, very hard pileups with many callers and even with my rx antenna,
> hi-z 4, I was struggling with qrm and my low power situation. Many pileups were
> so difficult that you knew that it is waste of time. You had to come back later
> and you had to come back to same pileup many times to try if it is your turn
> now. And finally with many skilled operators we made those contacts. They were
> able to hear my tiny 100 watt signal. I have nice big antennas but it is
> operators who make it happen or not. Thank you very much.
> I slept 2-3 hours on Sunday morning and was so excited about good contest mood
> that I had almost no problems to stay awake but finally on 20Z on Sunday evening
> I fell asleep on the chair and woke up 00.20Z, means after the contest, so I
> missed 3 last hours. That is the only negative thing during the weekend. Missed
> 3 last hours of the fun. Another 160m TX vertical was already broken when I came
> home from work on Friday afternoon. Quick fix for the contest in the dark field
> on Friday evening, it wasn't vertical but more like 45 degrees and ran topband
> with tuner. It worked fine. JT5DX has great ears, always.
> Specially nice thing about low power is lower temperature of the ham shack, it
> helps staying awake. I thought beforehand that I would have problems with low
> band mults but the most important problem was actually high band mults. I was
> able to hear many EU stations on 15m who could not hear my 100w signal. I tried
> but low power was not enough and it shows on 15m.
> Overall very positive feelings about low power, every qso means much more, every
> multiplier means much more. Thank you for all qsos.
> 73 Ari OH6MW OG7A
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