[CCF] CQ WW 2019 SSB lokintarkastusraportit ovat jaossa

Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 12:09:15 EDT 2020

Tulokset tulivat jakoon jo aiemmin.
Jos teillä kenelläkään on kysyttävää noista raporteista, selitän mielelläni
mistä on kyse.

Jukka OH6LI

.. omani on tässä alla melkein kokonaisuudessaan jos joku haluaa nähdä
millaisia nuo raportit ovat mutta ei ole itselleen sellaista vielä saanut..

Contest:     2019 CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST
Call:        OH0V
Category:    Single Op All Band High Power Assisted
Processed:   2020-01-23 15:56:27
Operators:   OH6LI


Thank you for submitting a log in the 2019 CQ WW DX SSB Contest.

Your log checking report is below. We believe it is helpful for participants
to receive information on how their log was scored.

Explanation of the report sections:

Summary - A summary of the log checking results and final score for your

Results by Band - This is a band-by-band breakdown of the QSOs, points and
multipliers for your entry.

Not In Log - These contacts were not found in the other station's log. QSO
removed with additional penalty of 2x QSO points.

Incorrectly Copied - The call logged for these contacts was determined to
be incorrect. QSO removed with additional penalty of 2x QSO points.

Incorrect Exchange Information - The information you copied does not match
what was in the other station's log. The QSO was removed.

Out of Band - Contacts that were verified to be made on frequencies that
you are not authorized to use. These contacts are removed without penalty.

Band Change Violations (Multi-One or Multi-Two only) - These contacts
violated the band change rules for the category. The QSO was removed
without penalty.

Unique Calls Worked - These calls were not found in any other log. They
have not been removed, but our experience indicates they are often the
result of copying errors.

Lost Multipliers - This section lists the multipliers that were lost in
your log due to callsign, exchange, or other copying errors.
-C indicates lost country and -Z indicates lost zone.

Multipliers by band - This section lists the zones and countries that were
counted as multipliers in your log.

Stations Copying Your Exchange Incorrectly - This is a list of contacts where
the station you worked copied your exchange incorrectly. You do not lose
credit for these contacts.  They are provided for your information.

Stations Copying Call Incorrectly - This is a list of all contacts we
could identify where the station you worked copied your call incorrectly. You
do not lose credit for these contacts. They are provided for your information.
If you have many similar errors, you should concentrate on ways to send your
call differently that may be easier for others to correctly copy.

All logs are checked using custom software.  Please submit any questions
at https://cqww.com/contact/

The decisions of the CQ WW Contest Committee are final.


CQ WW DX Contest Committee

************************** Summary ***************************

    3290 Claimed QSO before checking (does not include duplicates)
    3264 Final   QSO after  checking reductions

    4758 Claimed QSO points
    4638 Final   QSO points

     485 Claimed countries
     483 Final   countries

     115 Claimed zones
     115 Final   zones

     600 Claimed mults
     598 Final   mults

 2854800 Claimed score
 2773524 Final   score

    2.8% Score reduction
    0.8% Error rate based on claimed and final qso counts

      38 (1.2%) duplicates
      15 (0.5%) calls copied incorrectly
       1 (0.0%) exchanges copied incorrectly
      10 (0.3%) not in log
       6 (0.2%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

********************** Results By Band ***********************

             Band   QSO  QPts  Zone Cty Mult

   Claimed   160M   210   220     8  42   50
   Final     160M   209   217     8  42   50

   Claimed    80M   650   735    15  75   90
   Final      80M   644   717    15  74   89

   Claimed    40M   673   854    27 100  127
   Final      40M   667   824    27  99  126

   Claimed    20M  1037  1984    33 119  152
   Final      20M  1027  1930    33 119  152

   Claimed    15M   485   706    24 107  131
   Final      15M   483   694    24 107  131

   Claimed    10M   235   259     8  42   50
   Final      10M   234   256     8  42   50

   Claimed    All  3290  4758   115 485  600   2854800
   Final      All  3264  4638   115 483  598   2773524

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