Derek Wills oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 3 12:17:57 EST 1992

We sort of thrashed this out on r.r.a.m. some months ago, and many
people agreed that running 5 watts into a good antenna produces the
same signal as 100 watts into a low dipole at a poor location, and
there is no reason to amend your call in any way to indicate the
latter, so why the former.  The opposing view was that it is something
that distinguishes your call in the pile, perhaps like being a YL or
having an echo box, and that you should do whatever helps you to get
the QSO when you are weak.

I can tell you what Trey does - as him QSL mgr I get a number of requests
for me to put "/QRP" after someone's call on the card.  Trey doesn't log
the /QRP part, because it takes time and because it is not part of a call
sign, whereas /MM or /KP4 definitely are.  What I do is to make out the card
with the person's actual call, and then put something like "fb ur 1 watt"
at the bottom of the card.

I've operated with 5 watts and less on occasion, and never bothered to mention
it to the other person unless they comment on the puny signal or we get into
a ragchew (i.e. exchange names and QTH :-) ).  I'll put "5 watts" on my QSL
card, in the same way as someone might mention "indoor dipole".  I personally
think it's out of place, and an annoyance to everyone else, to use "/QRP" in
a contest - the other guy doesn't get more points for contacting you, and if
you are weaker than most people - well, you are weaker than most people, so
you take your chances along with everyone else.  I have a lot more respect
for someone if I find out during the exchange that they are QRP (sending "Q"
in the SS exchange, or 59905 in the ARRL DX contest), I have less if they
double the time it takes to send their call because of adding a qualifier
at the end.

Gee, I'm ready for another contest already - see you at the weekend!

Derek AA5BT

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