Signing "/QRP"

Rus Healy NJ2L rhealy at
Thu Dec 3 16:04:34 EST 1992

Derek, AA5BT, says:

>I personally
>think it's out of place, and an annoyance to everyone else, to use "/QRP" in
>a contest - the other guy doesn't get more points for contacting you, and if
>you are weaker than most people - well, you are weaker than most people, so
>you take your chances along with everyone else.  I have a lot more respect
>for someone if I find out during the exchange that they are QRP (sending "Q"
>in the SS exchange, or 59905 in the ARRL DX contest), I have less if they
>double the time it takes to send their call because of adding a qualifier
>at the end.

I agree 1000%, Derek! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Rus, NJ2L

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