fixing busted calls

Chris Gay 545-4876 KU4A at LEXVMK.VNET.IBM.COM
Wed Dec 9 13:54:12 EST 1992

>What can REALLY slow me down in the last situation is when I give the
>correct call, but the other guy repeats his call phonetically instead
>of saying "QSL".  That happens more often than you might think, and it
>really annoys me, because as soon as I hear phonetics I assume that I
>have the call wrong.

Well, what about this situation:

KU4A:   KU4A
WA6DGX: KU...(burst of QRM)...  59 CAL
KU4A:   KU4A 59 KY

The burst of QRM has prevented me from knowing whether or not you have
the call correct. If you hear KU4A both times, there is no problem, and
unless I ask for your call it is safe to assume I have it. If you hear
something different the second time around, you had it wrong the first
time anyway. I don't see the big annoyance, other than the QRM, but that
is life.

73 de Chris KU4A
Kentucky Contest Group - August '92 NAQP CW and SSB national champs.

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