fixing busted calls

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Trey, WN4KKN wrote:

>I believe this feature still exists (you enable with a word-in-the-call-field
>command, akin to WRITELOG -- I think the command is AUTOCORRECT or something
>like that), but this feature is worthless when used in concert with the CT
>typeahead feature since by defenition you are changing the call of everyone
>you work.

The earlier implemtations of this feature did this.  Originally, Ken sampled
the callsign as soon as you hit the "+" key (after which point you might
still be finishing the callsign).  However, the current version samples the
callsign *in between* the time *after* CT sends the callsign and before CT
sends the report.  If the callsign changes after this point in time, then CT
will confirm the callsign.  Thus, typeahead will not result in re-confirmed

73 - Jim AD1C

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