160 antennas

Michael Mraz mikemr at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 9 11:32:09 EST 1992

>Off and on through the years I have tried to find a decent antenna for
>160 for my small lot.  I am still looking.

>73 de Chris KU4A
>Kentucky Contest Group

In the January CQWW/160 contest, I tried a 1/2-wave end-fed vertical 
(no radials)
which was supported by a helium balloon. It worked very well until a storm blew
the balloons into a 100-foot-tall fir tree. Actually it still worked 
well even then. I'm
going to try it again in the next CQWW/160.


(1) Has anyone else tried balloon- or kite- supported verticals on 160?
(2) If yes, did you use 1/2-wave or 5/8-wave?
(3) What kind of balloon? I'm thinking about trying one of those advertising
balloons, because they're more aerodynamic. The weather balloons have too
much windage.

73    Mike    N6MZ

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