Hmmm...why do I do contests?

Dave Pascoe pascoe at
Fri Dec 11 11:21:19 EST 1992

This isn't too hard.....I've been interested in propagation ever since
I became interested in radio.  There are few events that allow us
to explore interesting propagation paths as contests do.  Long path,
grey line openings, meteor scatter, sporadic-E, etc., are just a few.
So that's one reason.

Another reason is the competitive aspect of contests.  Along with
others on this forum, I have a competitive streak in me.  Radio
contesting is a neat way of competing on a worldwide level.
Practically none of us can participate in something like the Olympics,
for example, so radio contesting is a good substitute.

The final reason is the comraderie associated with multi-op
contesting.  I've been involved in many different multi-op efforts,
and most of them have given me a true sense of accomplishment.
Working with a good team of people towards a common goal, whether it
be to win or just have fun, is pretty awesome.

Dave Pascoe KM3T
Internet: km3t at

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