160M & 10M Test oberservations:

Andy Zwirko az at i5120h.nrl.navy.mil
Tue Dec 15 18:03:20 EST 1992


  Just so Bill doesn't think he had any competition this fall season....I too
blew off this years 160m & 10m tests.


1. Partied with and entertained friends    (DC nite life)
2. Slept in REAL late both Sat. & Sun.     (almost missed sunset!)
3. Got out and did some serious iceskating (oh my knees & cold ears!)
4. Felt half-way human, Mon. at the job 
5. Realized I let another test season slip by...

  I am kinda disappointed that I missed the 10m test.  That's how I got
hooked on contesting.  Check out the 1st page of '76 test results.  I'd gotten 
my novice ticket 6 days earlier.  Amazing that I ever got hooked, especially 
if you remember 10m condx in '76!!  Think I worked 30+ Q's & 6 mults!


     Zwirko at Wave.NRL.Navy.Mil

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