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Fri Dec 18 18:54:56 EST 1992

It has been interesting to read the comments on TH7 and KT34XA antennas.

The Plymouth Radio Club G3PRC are going to upgrade their 3ele triband
beam ( A TB3 made by J Beam) and we would be interested in comments
from users who have been able to compare the performance of both TH7
and KT34XA antennas. The aerial will usually be used in a field day
type environment on top of a 60 or 70 foot tower. Wind and Ice survival
is not too much of a problem as:
a/ it's England and 
b/ it will only be put up for Contests. 

Our cw nfd in June gives double points for contacts on 10 m. As a lot
of contacts can be made with weak G stations and other Europeans (and
we are at the edge of the G activity) most gain on this band is
probably more important than directionality, f/b etc. Band by band 
comparisons would be really useful!

The Mosley antennas look interesting but I have seen no information on
them in this country so it might be difficult to get hold of. The
biggest Mosley antennas  over here are just simple 3 ele tribanders.

Thanks in advance for your comments and as it is that time of year a
Merry Christmas to all our readers.

Laurence G4HTD

laurence at

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