Doug.Grant at analog.com Doug.Grant at analog.com
Tue Dec 22 10:36:00 EST 1992

I got my 10-X number from QSOs the day the Novices got 10M SSB. It comes in
handy when the band is open on hot summer nights with Sporadic E. The pileups
are great fun, especially since New Hampshire is semi-rare, and 4 elements at
100' with a KW is sufficient to pin S-meters during a good opening. Having the
10-X number keeps the pileup rolling and makes for contest-type exchanges to
keep the rate up.

I will admit that I have to keep the card handy, otherwise I forget the number
 and I'd hate to have some poor guy's award application bounced for miscopying
my number! I look at 10-X as being sorta like county hunters - mostly harmless
and occasionally useful. Those guys in Virginia have more problems than just
being 10-X members.

73 de K1DG   (43057...or is it 43087? I can't remember...)

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