James N. Price price at cod.nosc.mil
Tue Dec 22 09:41:45 EST 1992

OK, I'll admit it, I have a 10-X number, too.  (Note that it's NOT
"10-10," by the by)--40118 I think.  I can't remember either.  At
one point I was semi-gung-ho, had to have my 100 bar, etc.  But
when I got it, I was a bit turned off.  The "award" was a xeroxed
certificate (about 37th generation copy) with my info typed in
poorly.  I thought--gee, can't they better than that?

Yes, they have contests, but they are kinda fuddy-duddy affairs.
In fact for a long time the 10-X CW contest was the same weekend
as SS CW (is it still?).  Talk about built-in frustration!

So, ya, the guy in VA is probably only one guy blowing off steam,
but I think 10-X is basically a collectors group (like county
hunters and so on) which can be fun for a lot of people.  But
it's generally not serious DXing or contesting.

Merry Xmas to all, by the by--Jim, K6ZH

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