New topic to throw around...

James N. Price price at
Wed Dec 23 13:15:29 EST 1992

OK, Tree, flame on (politely, of course).

I'm a relatively "little guy"--I run a TS-430S barefoot to a TH-3
at 35 feet, dipoles on 40 and 80 at same height.  I do have a good
canyon rim location that favors north and east.  I was kinda half
hearted about DX until the packet cluster came along.  It's so
efficient that I can optimize my very limited operating time to
work what I need, and contribute spots when I can.  Yes, it's made
the quest for DXCC a whole new ballgame, but for me packetcluster
has made it attainable whereas I would never devote the time
previously.  Is that bad?  To some I'm sure it is.  But for me
it's an operating aid like using CT in contests.  Technology and
time march on and you hope some things improve.

I have 302 countries worked, by the by, and have worked the last
50 or 60 of them with the aid of packetcluster.  I'd be
significantly below that without it, I'm sure.

I think your argument can be extended to suggest that I shouldn't
subscribe to the DX Bulletin either.  That clearly gives me a leg
up on who the guy on 21025 might be on a given day, for example.

I guess my feeling is that the "assisted" vs. "unassisted" is
kinda silly.  Most everybody has access to DX publications,
packetclusters, and so on.  Just use what you can.  I'm
considerably disadvantaged compared to many by not having a big
tower and a KW.  But that's by my choice.  If someone chooses not
to use packetcluster, that's his choice.  Same difference--it all
adds toward working (or not) a given DX station at a given time.

Incidentally, I have *never* worked a guy without hearing his
call, altho I will admit to having worked a guy based on a
packetcluster spot first and praying the spot was right.

Flame off, and merry Xmas to all--Jim, K6ZH

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