DX Pileups

George Noyes stortek!George_Noyes at csn.org
Wed Dec 23 13:57:14 EST 1992

Flame, Flame .... I'll have to think about Tree's comments on single vs
unassisted... I'm not totally sure that the packet bulletin dx announcement
is the problem, but the "mentallity" of the pseudo-dxer who perhaps came
from a more seedy origin (ie CBer :-)). 

One of the chief offending "LIBD"s that I find during pileups is the one
that Tree mentioned:  The guy who calls but cannot hear!  I sometimes wish
I could "pin" that type of guy's coax.  They obviously haven't a clue as
to which signal in the pileup is the dx station, but they continue to call
him thru multiple QSOs that the dx station is completing.  

Primarily, etiquette is required.  Don't call unless you hear the station.
Be patient.... 

Oh yah, here's another pet peeve I can direct to some of the "dxers"!  If
you have worked the guy previously and a pileup is in progress, don't
call the guy! It just adds fuel to the "fools".  (I've lost a few this way
when some other guy who's obviously worked the guy previously, decides
he wants to have a nice looooooonnnnnnnngggggg ragchew with him.... he
then the conditions went away..... humph humph.....grump....)

Hey, that ought to help the flames Tree!

73's de George  W1XE

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