New topic to throw around...

Patty Winter winter at
Wed Dec 23 14:07:27 EST 1992

N6TR writes:
>I would like to see the sponsers of DX awards recognize the difference 
>between a single op and a assisted single op just like we do in contests
>and perserve the prestige of their awards.  

A worthy goal, Tree, and a logical comparison to contests, but
where would we draw the line at "assisted"? 

If I call a friend on the telephone and say, "Bob, quick--there's a ZA
station on 14.180," I've assisted him. I wouldn't do that if he was
running single-op in a contest, but I would if he was just dialing
around the band looking for DX.

It would require quite a behavioral change among DXers and their
friends to stop doing things like that. 


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