N2IC's "east coast"

BILL FISHER 71662.17 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Dec 29 09:19:57 EST 1992

>Yes, I know you guys in
>western PA and Texas have a tough time competing with W1KM, etc.
>on 80, but I doubt you are giving up 30 dB.

As the guy says in the Nike commercial... "WRONG!"

Talking with KQ2M and N2NT after CQWW CW they both commented on the 30
over 9 signals from the russians on 80 meters!  I may have worked 4 or 5
russian stations on 80 and none of them were over S-9.  I doubt W0AIH even
heard them!  So yes, there is a TREMENDOUS advantage for the W1's and W2's
esspecially on a band like 80 meters.  

>Western PA is borderline "east coast".  The scores from K3TUP and K3LR
>are very impressive.  If it was 300 miles farther south, it would
>certainly be "east coast".  

If they were 300 miles further south they would be in Western Tennessee or
Northwestern Georgia....  Take my word for it... We aren't Wisconsin, but
we are definately not the east coast!

>Basically, in my view, going south is more important than going east.
>This will become particularly apparent as the sunspots continue to

If this were true....

K4XS and I should be destroying the guys in W1 in the DX contests.  N5AU
should be winning all of the M/M's they enter.  And, W3LPL should NEVER
lose to the likes of K1AR (EA), or N2RM.  I would suggest that it is most
important to be east, and in terms of the midwest and west it is also
important to be south.  W0AIH and K4VX would both benefit from being moved
either south or east.  But, I don't think you would convince K1AR that
moving K1EA's station south would benefit them.


Bill, KM9P

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