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Gary Sutcliffe gary.sutcliffe at mixcom.mixcom.com
Wed Dec 30 08:40:26 EST 1992

KM9P writes:
>  I would suggest that it is most
> important to be east, and in terms of the midwest and west it is also
> important to be south.  W0AIH and K4VX would both benefit from being moved
> either south or east.  But, I don't think you would convince K1AR that
> moving K1EA's station south would benefit them.
Its amazing how just a little change in location makes a big difference.
W0AIH has remarked  that he often hears me working Europeans on the
higher bands before he hears them.  I assure you that my antennas are
not even remotely in the same class as AIH's, but I am about 200 miles
south east of him.
I often complain of the guys down south doing the same thing to me.  Of
course the "guys down south" are in the Chicago area, about 80 miles
from here.
73 - Gary
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