CQ-CONTEST administrative stuff

Trey Garlough GARLOUGH at TGV.COM
Wed Dec 30 10:42:06 EST 1992

Happy holidays.

Sorry to bother with this, but as a lot of the folks here are new to the
Internet I thought I would recap how the CQ-CONTEST mail reflector works.

Mail sent to CQ-CONTEST at TGV.COM comes into TGV, at which point it is
re-sent (reflected) back to each of the people who are "on the list" -- 
there are about 120 active now.  Messages you wish to contribute to the 
"contest forum" should be sent to this address.

Mail sent to CQ-CONTEST-REQUEST at TGV.COM comes into TGV, at which point
it is reflected only to me.  All messages regarding list administration
(please add me to the list, please remove me from the list, etc) should
be sent to this address.  Sending this type of mail to the forum-address 
rather than the request-address is akin to calling a DX on his transmit
frequency when he is working split.

Similarly there are other Internet mailing lists of the fashion BLAH at SPAM.COM
and BLAH-REQUEST at SPAM.COM that follow the same convention.

Accidentally sending request mail to the forum-address is a common mistake, 
so please double check before you launch your message that it's going to the
right place.


--Trey, WN4KKN/6

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