Packet and DXing skills - Tree's right, but ...

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Wed Dec 30 12:11:37 EST 1992

 U> If you go back through old QSTs, NCJs, or DX newsletters, complaints about
 U> degradation in skill are a close second to complaints about geographical
 U> advantages. Pre-packet, pre-two meter spotting, pre-commercial tribanders,
 U> pre-store bought amps, there were still a lot of lids doing stupid things
 U> in pileups.

Hmmm.. Right!

 U> time! Who'd of thought you could come back to work on Monday after a DX
 U> test, and see an email note from UZ0AXX detailing their score!!

Unfortunately, we haven't time to participate :(
Next contest we will work is CQ WW 160. Then I'll tell and comment our score.

 U> The technology marches on but the same top guys still seem to manage to
 U> rise to the top ten of most contests. The noise is rising, but the signals
 U> are getting stronger too.

Oh, guys, you can go back in 10 more years to remember pre-technology days in 
hamradio. Just go here! No of any packet clusters, 2-m voice nets e.t.c.
48 hours non-stop cruising all bands in contest weekend is only way to win from 
here. Let us ask Willy (uw9ar) about that topic ( guess he is still joined this 

 U> Happy New Year
 U> John WB2EKK

Happy New Year to all of you, guys!
73 ! Victor (UA0APO/UZ0AXX mmbr)

--- GoldEd 2.40+

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