FD rates

James N. Price price at cod.nosc.mil
Wed Jul 1 09:05:41 EDT 1992

According to CT I was running over 100 Qs/hour a few times on 20
CW, but as the other gent observed, that only lasted for a few
minutes.  That was probably late afternoon/early eve on Saturday.
Some of it's skill level of those we work, no doubt about that.
But some of it's the fact that virtually everyone is running 100
watts (or less), so there aren't many standout signals that can
sit on a freq for hours as some do in SS, for example.  And there
aren't any multipliers, so people won't stick around to work you
if they don't get you on the first call.

We had some incredible rates on SSB as I mentioned in my previous
note.  We peaked over 200 a few times on 10 meters, and ended up
with 150+ for over 2 hours.

These ain't no big thing for folks like Trey, but it's kinda fun
for us mere mortals!

--Jim, K6ZH

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