FD rates

Kris Mraz mraz at fozzy.aud.alcatel.com
Wed Jul 1 10:05:35 EDT 1992

Operating K5BU during FD, I hit 110/hr on 15m CW early in the contest. I was
using CT, a TS-850 barefoot, and KT34XA at 40 ft. (class 1A). 
Location was Richardson, Texas, near Dallas. This rate was
sustained for only about 15 minutes at a time and seemed to be limited more
by conditions than other factors. A skillful operator should have been able to
boost that somewhat higher, I'm sure.

BTW, a thunder storm hit right at 1800 UTC and kept us off the air for an hour.
Then at 1030 UTC Sunday morning another storm hit with sustained 40 kt. winds
for 45 minutes. Our trailer mounted crank-up withstood it but I don't know how!
My tent was flattened. I sprinted 70 yds. to a secure structure and stayed put 
for 2 hrs until it passed. Our final score reflects the impact of mother nature.

Next year...

Kris, AA5UO
mraz at rockdal.aud.alcatel.com

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