Frank Grossmann [DL1SBR] gross at
Thu Jul 2 19:09:47 EDT 1992

Hi folks,

I'd like to invite all Sysops of PacketCluster nodes to a new mailing
list _entirely devoted to_ to Dick Newell's PacketCluster Software.

What you have to do to get in it ?

send a message to listserv at
with a message body of "help" - this is to show you the commands
this mailing list server supports.
Then, send a second message with a message body of
"subscribe packetcluster <firstname> <lastname> <(callsign)>"

so if you are Dick Newell and your callsign is AK1A,
the line would be:

subscribe packetcluster Dick Newell (AK1A)

Also I did open an anonymous FTP account on my machine to supply 
PacketCluster-related software, information files and databases.

FTP to, login as "ftp", choose any password.

Then "cd /pub" - that's where the things are.
Feel free to upload files to /pub/uploads, don't forget to leave a *.txt file
to describe your upload.

73! Frank

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