CT Version 8 strangeness

Steven London steven at ulysses.atmos.colostate.edu
Mon Jul 6 14:29:15 EDT 1992

Here's a few strange things I found trying out CT 8.09 for the IARU RS contest.
Could one of you New England guys pass this on to Ken ?

1)  When I enter a callsign and hit the space bar, I expect CT to figure
    out what zone the station is in, and fill in the zone field (just like
    it does for CQWW).  I should be able to change the zone field (in
    case it's a headquarters station).  Unfortunately, I have to enter the
    zone manually for every QSO.

2)  This is related to 1) above, but pretty bizarre ....
    I configured two computers to talk to each other running CT 8.09 as
    multi-single.  On computer 1, I enter the call JA3RL.  I enter the
    zone as "JARL".  I hit enter.  All is fine on computer 1.  On computer
    2, the call JA3RL is filled in correctly, but the zone is "45", not

Anyone know of other CT version 8 bugs related to IARU RS ?

Steve, N2IC

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