One more Field Day score

Gary L. Grebus decvax!!glg at
Mon Jul 6 23:48:00 EDT 1992

Here's one more:

	Nashua Area Radio Club, Nashua NH
	N1NH + novice
	Class: 15A
	4674 Q's / 13032 points
		    2200 bonus
		   15232 total

Not too bad, given we lost the first 2 hours of the contest to
thunderstorms.  Of course operating is sort of secondary to just
setting up this thing: 3 70' towers (plus a shorter one for the novice
station),  4 el 20,  3 el 20, two 4 el 15's, two 2 el 40's, 6 el 6,
plus assorted wires and VHF/UHF antennas, generators, food tents, 
porta-potties, tractor to drag cars out of the mud, etc.


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