WPX Operation

Dwaine Hurta hurta at ap040.dseg.ti.com
Tue Jun 2 11:47:39 EDT 1992

I operated WPX at K5OJI this past weekend after not having operated 
it in a long time.  Couldn't remember all the reasons why I didn't
like it but now those reasons are fresh on my mind.  Like...

So how many of you work statesiders and don't log them?  That is,
after the first multiplier for that prefix?  I first noticed an "8" 
do that to me on Saturday- what happened was he gave me serial number
XXX, I happened to hang around and listened to him give that same 
serial number to a DX station that called after me.  I miscopied, 
right?  So I started listening around and heard another stateside
station give the same serial number to three stations before he 
"logged" it and the serial number incremented.  I heard another
station do that too, for a total of three stations.  Then I was
mad and stopped listening to others and continued on...

I need his prefix but he doesn't need mine.  So he clears me off
frequency but doesn't log me.  (It's easy- type in the call- hit
the buttons- then ALT W.)  I send in my log and *BZZZT!* I'm
docked for "not in log".  

Contests that give no points for working stations in same country
encourage "not logging".  The Europeans with contries smaller than
a Texas county don't have a problem (obviously).

I'd really like to see same country QSO's count for some value,
a point or 1/2 a point, in the WPX contest.  Points could be 
boosted for the other categories and that would be fine.

Obviously the thing to do is head for the Caribbean...


Dwaine Hurta,  N5HD                        hurta at ap040.csc.ti.com
Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas           480-1338

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