Rotator Info. Wanted

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at
Thu May 28 11:57:16 EDT 1992

I have been using the Create RC5B-3 for three years with no problems.
The preset and compass dial features really are a pleasure to use.
When will the US manufacturers wise up build a decent control box like
the Japanese have been doing for years?  My only fear is that it
will break some day and I will have trouble getting it fixed.

The hole pattern is a simple circle with 6 or 8 equally spaced holes.
I explained it to U.S. tower over the phone, and they were able to
pre-drill my plate for me.  This worked just fine.

The only problem with the Create is that it doesn't turn my big
stack very easily in a moderate wind (25 mph).  The 22 square foot
rating should be questioned.  The RC5B-3 was rated for 35 square feet,
but it has lots of trouble with that load even in a moderate wind.

There is a section in ARRL book "The Physical Design of Yagi Antennas"
by W6QHS, that has a neat table comparing many rotators.  It explains
why some numbers are more important than others.  I suggest reading
that section before buying anything.  You can also reduce rotator
strain by "wind balancing" your antenna.  This is described elsewhere
in the book.

Bob, N6TV

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